What is the HardyVal Medium Complexity Kit- Comprehensive?

Hardy Diagnostics Medium Complexity Level Kit-Comprehensive is recommended for simulating medium risk level compounding manipulations involving the preparation of IV Bags and verifying aseptic technique. Kit performs one complete aseptic technique verification challenge test for one technician. Includes test results log sheet. The product is quality control tested for growth promotion, pH, and sterility.

Kit Contains:

  • Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), 1000ml Dual Port Bag- 1 bag
  • Sterile 100ml Dual Port Bags (empty)- 6 bags
  • Sterile 20ml Serum Vials (empty)- 6 vials
  • Whirl-Pak™ Bag- 1 bag
  • Results Log Sheet- 1 sheet
Cat. no. HVM1

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