Why use HardyVal?

HardyVal assesses the risk of microbial contamination of your CSP’s (compounded sterile preperations) according to USP <797>.

How do I determine which kit or products are right for me?

Choose from five pre-assembled kits for ease of use or create your own aseptic technique challenge with our à la carte line of HardyVal media and products.

 USP <797> states, in part, “When performing these testing procedures, use the most difficult and challenging compounding procedures and processing conditions encountered by the person during a work shift (e.g., the most manipulations, most complex flow of materials, longest time to compound), replacing all the components used in the CSP’s with microbial growth medium.”

HardyVal Kits and à la carte Products

Additional Products

USP <797> Changes

Are you up to date with USP <797> and the changes being proposed for environmental sampling and media fill challenge testing? Learn more about how USP <797> may change in the near future.


Hardy Diagnostics offers the best service in the industry. We expand on this service with instructional and informational videos covering the HardyVal Kits and Environmental Sampling.

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